Bild von Thawte SSL Certificate SSL123

Thawte SSL Certificate SSL123

Dieses Zertifikat ist u.a. ideal für Windows Server Essentials Edition und Small Business Server.

This certificate is ideal for any Windows Server Edition, including Windows Server Essentials and Windows Small Business Server.
It is available in variants of 1-2 years.

The purchase process is fully automated if you buy using a Paypal payment, so Paypal should be your Payment choice if you want your cert within minutes ready on your server!
For purchase orders you'd have a short delay for manual processing.

After purchase we will follow up with you with an email that includes a secure URL to our certificate request website on which you will add your information and the certificate request that you can for example issue using the Essentails or SBS certificate wizard.
(we will also provide guidance for other systems as needed)

We will then start the issueing process and you will get your certificate from thawte.

Please make sure you can receive emails on one of the following emails adresses of the domain the SSL cert is issued to:


So the above examples assume that the external URL of your SBS for example is https/
Thawte will be sending an email with a verification link to the Emailadresse you choosed to verify that you have ownership of that domain.

The following procedure is not neded anymore on Windows Server that got patched using Windows Update somehow recently, as MS patches include those new CA certificates now:

Please install the Thawte interims certificates on your server prior to issueing the certificate request. You will find the interim Certs in a ZIP file when clicking on "sample download" below.
This will ensure that the certificate will be working fine. 
Use the MMC included in the ZIP file to Import the certs to your Server computers(not the logged on users)certificate storage.
Then issue a cert request as normal (for example using the SBS Certificate wizard) and send it to us via email using

Bild von thawte SSL Certificate
thawte SSL Certificate
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